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For whom is horticultural therapy

For whom is horticultural therapy

In the first instance horticultural therapy is non-verbal and in principal suitable for treating a variety of problems. Quite often these problems are of a mental nature or depend of a certain phase in life, with disrupted relations and social life, with physical complaints, anxieties, daily routines, addiction, education, learning. Therefor the therapist’s work field involves psychiatry, general hospitals, mental health institutions, schools for both mentally disabled children and children with learning or educational problems, addiction clinics, penance institutions, rehabilitation centers, old age institutions, assistance to criminals and victims, refugees. Horticultural therapist works both with groups of clients as well as individual clients. Usually they contribute in diagnosing cases by observations.


Indication and contra-indication

Roughly taken the following indications count for the assistance of suitable horticultural therapy.

Indications: affinity with gardening or nature, willingness to be busy with hands, necessity to adjust, developing the awareness of reality, dealing with life and death, mourning, learning to express emotions, changing aggressive and destructive inclinations, daring to get involved and committing oneself, identity problems, releasing compulsive control, learning to care for, taking responsibility, tracing, placing bounds, making a plce for oneself, a safe base, opening to the outside world.

Contra indication: unbeatable aversion to gardening, extreme blemish fear, severe acting-out behaviour.