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Profile of Profession
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The use of garden qualities in creative therapy (horticultural therapy) Methods

The treatment: characteristics of the garden, the role of the therapist, objectives and methods.

Facilities and budget

Indications and contra-indications in horticultural therapy

History of horticultural therapy and recent developments


This horticultural therapy profile is an addition to the general profession profile of the creative therapist, drawn up by de Dutch Association of Creative Therapists. This part of the web site emphasizing the specific garden qualities as a means for giving creative therapy.

Horticultural therapy or garden therapy is aimed at therapeutic effects dealing with the natural environment and its possible artistic products with its results. (resulting from here) Starting point is that the experience and the filling is (designing???) as well as the clients reflecting on what proceeds have a healing effect. The therapist guides the process.

The purpose of this profile of the profession is to give the reader insight in the effects of horticultural therapy. These take place according to the garden qualities in the light of therapeutic objectives. These characteristics are summed up in surveys aimed at the treatment.

A diagram with often occurring indications clarifies the problems dealt with as well as the groups of clients.